The Cinematography of Netflix’s Hollywood

GCS221 Simon Dennis BSC

On the latest Go Creative Show podcast, cinematographer Simon Dennis BSC talks about how he shoots Netflix’s hit series Hollywood.

Simon and Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli and discuss the visual approach to the series, working with director Ryan Murphy, shooting on the Sony Venice, and his approach to lighting iconic scenes.

You can listen to the full episode above.

Topics covered

  • Working with director Ryan Murphy (02:24)
  • Paying homage to 1940’s Hollywood (16:32)
  • Simon’s visual approach to the series (21:14)
  • Recreating 1940s film styles with “Meg” (32:36)
  • Shooting on the Sony Venice (36:10)
  • Using tons of haze in scenes (39:29)
  • Using colored lights for the theater and bar scenes (41:48)
  • Why Simon under-exposed while filming (45:03)
  • How lens focus affects production design (47:14)
  • Camera movement of HOLLYWOOD (51:35)
  • Filming the table read scene (54:48)

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