Z CAM E2-M4 & Price Drops

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Z CAM has announced the new E2-M4 as well as price drops for the E2-S6 and E2-F6 models.

The new Z CAM E2-M4 is basically identical to the existing E2, but it doesn’t have the sync feature.

It uses the exact same body as the E2-F6 and E2-S6, and the same exact same sensor as the original E2. However, unlike the fixed mount on the E2, the E2-M4 has an interchangeable lens mount. Canon EF, PL, and M mount mounts come standard in the package.

Key features

  • DCI and UHD 4K up to 160 fps
  • Interchangeable MFT Lens Mount
  • ProRes RAW & 12-Bit Color Support
  • 4/3″ WDR CMOS Sensor/Flagship Housing
  • 13~15 stops dynamic range (16 stops with WDR enabled)
  • ZRAW (partial debayer)
  • Apple ProRes certified
  • Gigabit Ethernet for data, control & live streaming

The Z CAM E2-M4 will retail for $1,499 USD at it will start shipping in June.

This price makes it $500 USD cheaper than the standard E2 model.

Price Drops for the E2-S6 & E2-F6

To further increase the competitiveness of their cameras, Z CAM has dropped the prices on both the E2-S6 and the E2-F6. Here are the new prices:

These cameras were already competitively priced before these reductions, now they represent excellent value for money.

8sinn z cam e2 s6f6f8 cage pro2

This price drop is obviously in direct response to RED announcing the price for its 6K Komodo camera last week. By undercutting both RED (and probably Canon with the R5) Z CAM can also generate sales because its cameras are actually shipping.

At $3,999 USD the E2-F6 is now just $1.01 more than the Panasonic S1H ($3,997.99 USD).

These price drops and a new camera come hot on the heels of Z CAM announcing ProRes RAW external recording for the E2 last week.

Live Streaming is also coming to E2 Models

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Z CAM has also announced that all E2 series cameras will soon be able to support direct RTMP, RTMPS, and SRT live streaming, including but not limited to Facebook and YouTube without having to use a computer.

What do you think of these latest announcements from Z CAM? Let us know in the comments section below.

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