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Kyno 1.8– DaVinci Resolve integration & BRAW Support

Kyno 1.8 has been released. This latest update is a big one and it brings a host of new features and improvements.

Kyno 1.8 adds DaVinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer Integration, Blackmagic RAW Support, as well as performance and workflow improvements.

According to the team behind Kyno, this release brings them a step closer to fulfilling their original vision of having software that acts as a central hub in production workflows across all major NLEs and production formats.

DaVinci Resolve integration

Screenshot 2020 05 22 at 10 07 46 AM

The new “send to” integration brings field-logging and pre-selection workflows with your NLE of choice to DaVinci Resolve. FCPX and Premiere Pro users have been able to benefit from Kyno, and now all of that same functionality and integration comes to Resolve users.

Screenshot 2020 05 22 at 10 08 21 AM

You can send your prepared clips with metadata (tags, ratings, descriptions, markers, subclips) to Resolve in a two-click operation. Kyno’s subclip metadata allows you to assemble rough cuts from your footage.

Blackmagic RAW Support

Screenshot 2020 05 22 at 10 06 04 AM

The team has been getting a lot of requests from Blackmagic camera users to incorporate BRAW support into Kyno. Well, they listened and now you can playback BRAW footage natively in Kyno, either in full or reduced resolution.

Screenshot 2020 05 22 at 10 06 19 AM

If your computer isn’t fast enough, you can transcode or subclip footage to ProRes and other formats and use all logging and NLE integration tools with BRAW in Kyno’s Standard Edition.

Hopefully we might see ProRes RAW support in a future update.

Avid Media Composer integration

Screenshot 2020 05 22 at 10 09 29 AM

Avid Media Composer is widely used in the film and TV industry and now with Kyno 1.8 Premium Edition, Avid Media Composer workflows are supported through ALE export as well as copy & paste for markers between Kyno and Media Composer.

Workflow improvements for transcoding and metadata transfer

The new incremental transcoding workflow lets you transcode entire directory structures without worrying about what you already transcoded last time. This is great for proxy or dailies workflows.

Screenshot 2020 05 22 at 10 12 50 AM

The new automatic audio mapping in the transcoder will take care of almost all combinations of input and output format, e.g. automatically split discrete multichannel audio to mono tracks if required or create broadcast wave multichannel output, or create stereo output for mp3 audio export.

The metadata of entire folder structures can be transferred between copies of the same footage in a simple copy & paste operation. This is great for editorial workflows or generally transferring logging metadata between dailies/proxies and master files.

Major performance improvements for thumbnails & batch analysis

Screenshot 2020 05 22 at 10 10 38 AM

Users of multi-core machines will see an enormous improvement in thumbnail generation performance with this release. The aggressiveness of this can now be configured in the preferences.

Screenshot 2020 05 22 at 10 11 47 AM

For people doing batch analysis on large data-sets using Kyno’s pre-analyze function, Kyno 1.8 is a big deal. Preanalyze is now a background task and uses all the cores you have for a huge speed-up when doing this.

Other improvements

This release also brings countless little improvements like more metadata columns, some new formats, automatic application of sidecar-LUTs, and improved drag & drop.

There is also a new MD5 verification option, FCP XML workflow, and Excel export improvements as well as fixes and performance improvements make this the best Kyno ever. For a full list of all new features.

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