FilmConvert Nitrate for FCPX

FilmConvert has announced that they have now bought Nitrate to Final Cut Pro X.

This was always going to happen, but it got delayed briefly due to the CoronaVirus outbreak.

FilmConvert has included an all-new interface, Cineon Log film emulations, and advanced grain controls to give FCPX users what they claim is, the best film emulation toolset available online.

To celebrate the Nitrate launch, FilmConvert is having a special 1-week sale with 30% off all plugins and bundles.

FilmConvert Nitrate is now available across the three main editing platforms – Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro X.

All plugins include the full suite of Nitrate features, including:

  • Cineon Log film emulations – matched to your camera’s Log mode
  • Full Log workflow – grade using Log controls to preserve all the dynamic range and contrast of your footage
  • Custom curve control – craft your own film response curve to create the exact film look you want for your project
  • Advanced film grain controls – control grain in the highlights, mid-tones, and shadows
  • Metal GPU acceleration for supported hardware

Cineon Log Film Emulation

Screenshot 2020 05 21 at 6 11 19 PM

In the Nitrate update, FilmConverty has added Cineon Log versions of their original film stock emulations, meaning you can dial the contrast or saturation of a film stock back to your liking, while still keeping the authentic film stock colors.

Design your own film response curve

Screenshot 2020 05 21 at 6 11 26 PM

FilmConvert has designed full custom curve controls for each of the film stocks, so you can create exactly the look you want. You can modify highlight and shadow roll-offs, or even design your own film stock from scratch. Nitrate now uses a full Log image processing pipeline, so you can retain the full dynamic range of your footage through the grading process.

Advanced film grain controls

Screenshot 2020 05 21 at 6 11 32 PM

With the advanced film grain controls you can also adjust the appearance of the grain individually in the highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.


Screenshot 2020 05 21 at 6 12 04 PM

Nitrate for FCPX costs $119 USD. Existing FilmConvert owners can upgrade their license for a special, one-week-only price of $69 USD.

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