Libec 650EX – affordable entry-level tripod

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Libec has announced the 650EX, a successor to the TH-650HD . The new tripod has a payload capacity of 3 kg (6.5lb) so it is meant to be used with small mirrorless and DSLR cameras, as well as some lightweight digital cinema cameras.

The whole concept behind the 650EX was to provide an affordable entry-level tripod system with a good range of features.

Key Features

Sliding Plate Range for Camera Balance

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The 650EX comes with a sliding plate that allows users to balance their cameras even quicker. This is a key improvement over the previous model’s fixed quick shoe.

Industry Standard Sliding Plate

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The included sliding plate is compatible with select Manfrotto and Sachtler tripods, allowing users to quickly swap between a wide range of camera supports.

One-touch Flip Locks

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The tripod has been designed with one-touch flip locks, so users can quickly adjust and set their tripod’s height.

Rubber Foot Pads with Metal Spikes

You can use the tripod with rubber footpads when indoors, or when shooting outdoors, the tripod can be firmly planted on the ground by twisting the footpads and using the metal spikes.

Transport Lock

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During transportation, the 650EX tripod legs can be locked into place thanks to the equipped transport lock.

Travel Bag Included

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The tripod comes with a travel bag that you can use for transportation or carrying the tripod.

Price & Availability

The Libec 650EX will retail for just $249 USD.

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