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Canon R5 price listed in Australia

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An online camera store in Australia has published the price of the Canon R5. Camera Warehouse has the R5 listed at $10,499 AU. With today’s exchange rate that equates to a US price of $6,792 USD. As with any pre-release prices that are mentioned by dealers, you never know if they are actually correct or not. 

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Now, I wouldn’t get too carried away just yet. The prices of cameras have tended to be more expensive in Australia (even with the exchange rate conversion). I worked out what the list price in the US is more likely to be and you can see what that is further down in the article. One of our readers also got a written quotation from another camera store in Australia where the price quoted was lower.

I found I could get all the way to the checkout page and actually place an order if I wanted to. If this wasn’t the actual list price that the camera could be, I doubt I would have been able to do that.

Screenshot 2020 05 15 at 9 26 53 AM

In Australia, the same online retailer lists the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III with a CFexpress card and reader for $11,537 AU. So the R5 price looks to be very similar to that of the 1DX Mark III if you take away the 512GB card and card reader.

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On B&H that same deal is $6,499 USD. So if I do a few calculations based on the difference in prices between the US and Australian deals on the 1DX Mark III you would be looking at a US price of around $5,800 USD for the R5. This is about what I would have guessed that the R5 was going to cost based on the specifications.


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Now, one of our readers got a quotation from another camera shop in Australia and they quoted him $5808.08 AU. That works out to be around $3,750 USD.

What do think about the price? Is it what you expected? Let us know in the comments section below.

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