Fiilex Q5 Color – RGBWW Fresnel

Fiilex has announced its new Q5 Color. This is a 185W 5” LED Fresnel RGBWW light.

RGBWW fresnel fixtures are not that common and Fiilex claims that the Q5 Color combines the extensive feature set of top-tier RGBW LEDs with the performance of a tungsten fresnel.

Key features

  • High-CRI white light in CCT mode (2000-10000K)
  • Additional 8 and 16-bit color modes (RGBW, Effects, HSI, Gel Presets, CCT+RGBW, CCT+HSI, etc.)
  • 12°-55° spot/flood range with no optical aberrations
  • Barndoor cuts clean with no color splitting
  • Dims down to 0% without flicker or color shift
  • V-mount power supply swaps easily with 26V battery
  • Smooth and Sharp dimming modes
  • Three fan speed modes (Full, Variable, Silent)
  • Removable fresnel for wider throw/softbox compatibility
  • IP-24 water-resistant

The light uses Fiilex’s Dense Matrix LED technology which is claimed to deliver color quality and optical versatility that are superior to previous generations of LED fresnels.

Screenshot 2020 05 09 at 11 49 28 AM

It has a wide spot/flood range of 12°-55°, smooth dimming to 0%, and no flicker.

Screenshot 2020 05 09 at 11 49 10 AM

The fixture comes with barn doors and it looks like it is able to cut light very well. This is something that a lot of other fresnel lights on the market don’t do well.

The Q5 fixture weighs in at 3.17 kg (7 lbs) and the power supply tips the scales at 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs).

Screenshot 2020 05 09 at 11 44 52 AM

Light settings can be adjusted on the Q5’s back panel via the directional pad or the intuitive control knobs. The directional pad can also access the Q5’s different fan and dimming modes, as well as the various control modes, which include CCT, HSI, Gels, and Effects in both 8-bit and 16-bit versions.

The Q5 Color uses an AC power supply that can be swapped out with compatible 26V V-mount batteries. This is far from ideal. Having to run a light that is only this size off a 26V battery doesn’t make it particularly travel or field-friendly.

The light draws 185W AC | 165W DC.

What is interesting is you can actually completely remove the fresnel glass from the fixture. This gives the light an even wider throw. This is something that certainly makes it more versatile.

Above you can see the lights claimed photometric data.

The only other RGBWW fresnel lights that I know of are the Chromos 5x100W and the yet to start shipping ARRI Orbitor.

Price & Availability

The Q5 Color is now available to pre-order for $1,595.00 USD.

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