Growing Female Film Crews with Nancy Schreiber ASC & WWFC Founders

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The next upcoming session is on ‘Growing Female Film Crews’, which will be hosted by Nancy Schreiber ASC with guests Katrina Medoff & Tracy Sayre from Women’s Weekend Film Challenge.

Nancy Schreiber, ASC, known for paving the way for female colleagues, speaks with Katrina Medoff and Tracy Sayre, founders of Women’s Weekend Film Challenge (WWFC), which builds a community of women for every position on set. Learn how Medoff and Sayre created a grassroots initiative to combat gender injustice in the industry. In just over two years, WWFC has worked with 700 professional female filmmakers to produce 30 short films. But the larger impact is in the network they created: Every filmmaker who participates in this free, career-changing opportunity leaves knowing women in every role of production that they can hire, refer and collaborate with.

During this event, Medoff and Sayre will share how they started this initiative with no power, no money and no connections, and they’ll discuss what they’ve learned along the way. This inspiring talk will show that filmmakers can revolutionize the industry by activating the power of community.

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