Aputure shows new 60w Light Storm 60d, 60x Bi-Color

Aputure has been releasing new updates as well as products on a weekly bases, and today’s week 3 is a good one!

Today Aputure showed the new Light Storm daylight 60d, bi-color 60x, plus an updated Aputure light bulb. While today Aputure is showing the new fixture some changes could happen prior to the official release, but here is what we know so far.

Light Storm 60d Daylight


The Light Storm 60d is a daylight-balanced (5500K) adjustable focusing light that utilizes a precision condenser lens optics to allow users to internally adjust the spot/flood beam angle between 15°~45°. The 60d can be powered using the included AC adapter, or via DC battery input, by using either the included Dual Sony-NP-F Battery Plate Adapter, or a cinema battery with D-Tap output, such as a V-Mount Battery.

All of these power options can be mounted into the V Mount receiver clip on the side of the LS 60d’s 360° tilting yoke for fast and compact operation. The LS 60d is also IP54 weatherproof (dust and water-resistant), so it is built to withstand that dusty or wet filmmaking or ENG environment.

The Light Storm 60x has an expanded bi-color range of 2700K~6500K. Like many bi-color fixtures, the output will be reduced compared to the 60d.

Top Features

  • –  15°~45° Adjustable Spot/Flood Beam Angle
  • –  Up to 50,000lux at 1 meter in full 15° spot.
  • –  Color Temperature: 5500K
  • –  IP54 Weatherproof (Dust and Water Resistant)
  • –  Use One NP-F Battery for Half Power; Two for Full Power
  • –  Supports Sidus Link Mobile App Control
  • –  Compatible with Bowens Mount Adapter and “Spotlight Mini Zoom” Projection Lens

Main Features

  • 15°~45° Adjustable Spot/Flood Beam Angle
  • Up to 50,000lux at 1 meter in full 15° spot.
  • Color Temperature: 5500K
  • CRI≥95, TLCI≥95
  • IP54 Weatherproof (Dust and Water Resistant)
  • Use One NP-F Battery for Half Power; Two for Full Power
  • 0-100% Adjustable Brightness
  • Compatible with Bowens Mount Adapter and “Spotlight Mini Zoom” Projection Lens
  • Includes Barn Doors for Shaping Light
  • Includes Dual Sony NP-F Battery Plate
  • Supports Sidus Link Mobile App Control
  • 8 Built-in Lighting FX: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, Explosion
  • 360° Tilting Yoke
  • V-Mount Receiver Built Into Yoke for Attaching AC Adapter, Dual NP-F Battery Plate, or V Mount Battery for Compact Operation
  • Includes 6m long power cable
  • Ultra-quiet 18dB cooling fan design
  • Aircraft-grade Aluminum Build Quality
  • Concealed Antenna for Durability
  • Power Output: 60w
  • Working temperature: -10~45°C
  • Power Specifications: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz

Bowens Mount Adapter

Light Storm 60d with light dome mini

The 60d also has a new Mini Mount hat holds the included barn doors and it can use a custom Bowens Mount adapter that lets you attach any of the Light Dome products to the front. Aputure also announced a new Spotlight Mini Zoom lens.

Price Point & Availability will be announced at a later date however Aputure estimates it to be available this Summer.

Spotlight Mini Zoom for LS 60d & 60x

Spotlight mini zoom

The Spotlight Mini Zoom is a 2X optical projection lens designed for the LS 60d and LS 60x Adjustable Focusing LEDs. By mounting the LS 60d or 60x onto the Spotlight Mini Zoom, you can shape the light output by using the built-in shutters and a drop-in iris. As a projection lens, the Spotlight Mini Zoom also accepts and can project M-Size Gobos.

This accessory for the LS 60d & 60x is also a 2X zoom lens, removing the need to carry multiple interchangeable lenses. The Spotlight Mini Zoom can project a beam angle of 15°~30°, making it a 2X optical zoom lens, giving users a wide range of flexibility with a single tool. At a distance of 5 meters, the Spotlight Mini Zoom can project an image circle of 1.4 meters to 2.8 meters depending on the zoom setting.

Key Features

  • 15°~30° 2X Zoom Adjustable Focus Projection Lens
  • Precision Chromatic Aberration-Free Optics
  • Compatible with Aputure LS 60d & 60x Adjustable Focus LED Lights
  • Accepts M-Size Gobos
  • Includes 10 M-Size Gobos, Gobo Holder, & Gel Holder
  • Compatible with Aputure M-Size Iris Accessory
  • Can project a 1.4m-2.8m image circle at a distance of 5 meters

Price Point & Availability will be announced at a later date however Aputure estimates it to be available this Summer.

Aputure B7C Lightbulb gets a redesign

Light Storm bulb

Last but not least the Aputure B7C Lightbulb gets a redesign to make the bulb brighter and run cooler. That seems like a good redesign. The new design consists of the actual bulb. It now has a hole in the middle that makes the light spread out for better coverage plus it cools the fixture better as well.

Aputure Lightbulb

Aputure claims the new design makes the 7watt bulb the brightest on the market today. The bulb is also flicker-free and totally wireless and can be controlled with the Sidus Link app.

MC7 Lightbulb Introduced at NAB 2019

For a little history, the MC7 Lightbulb was introduced at NAB 2019. It’s very cool to see how the product developed with the feedback they get from trade shows and make changes to the product. Aputure is one company that does this very well.

I like the look of the new 60d fixture. It seems to have enough punch for accent lighting plus with the Bowens Mount adapter and Ligh Dome mini it can be easily softened for a nice key or overhead. Looking forward to getting my hands on both to daylight and bi-color models for a full review.

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