Frame.io v3.6

Frame.io v3.6 focuses on the features that help you keep working securely and efficiently from anywhere.

Frame.io has become one of the de facto industry collaboration tools and the company has continued to upgrade and improve the software over the years.

So, let’s have a look at what is new in v3.6.

Frame.io Transfer

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When it comes to moving files, nobody wants to sit around waiting for it to happen. Speed is key, so Frame.io has come up with a new app for both Mac and Windows called Frame.io Transfer.

Transfer wasn’t scheduled to be released until later in the year, but Frame.io has moved this up due to the increased numbers of people currently working from home. Please note that this is still a Beta version. 

What does it do? Transfer lets you download large files, complex folder structure, or even entire projects with one click. It also allows you to monitor your active downloads and to drag and drop to reprioritize their order.

You can use EDL or XML to download specific files for relinking to original camera files for final conforms, color grading, or sharing assets for VFX.

If you happen to lose your internet connection during a download, Transfer pauses and then automatically resumes as soon as you’re reconnected.

You can download the Beta version of Frame.io Transfer here.

Secure Sharing

If you are sharing high-value content you only want the people who need to see it seeing it. So, Frame.io has improved the whole security process in V3.6.

  • Login-only access and Inbox- Enterprise users can now protect presentation and review links with Login-only access, which means that no one outside of your account can access your links.
  • Frame.io v3.6 Invite-Only access– Your recipients will see a list of everything you’ve shared with them in the new Inbox, which gives you a clean and focused view that’s especially useful for busy clients or executives.
  • Frame.io v3.6 Watermark ID- When any viewer presses “Play,” Frame.io completes a realtime, on-demand transcode of your video with their personal identifying information burned into each frame. How fast is it? A two-hour video starts playing back in less than two seconds.

Folder sharing

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In v3.6 you can share and organize your assets across your team or your projects. Once you’ve shared a folder, any changes you make to that folder in Frame.io will be dynamically updated in your Review link. It’s especially useful for teams who produce episodic content or programming that relies on a library of media.

Move-to and Copy-to

There is now an easier way to organize your assets with an improved “Move-to” and “Copy-to” flow. It’s claimed to be both a faster and more intuitive way to move assets and folders.

iOS Offline Mode

Screenshot 2020 05 06 at 10 08 23 AM

What happens if you want to work with no internet access? Frame.io has introduced “Offline Mode” for its iOS apps so you can work from anywhere.

In offline mode, you tap any file to make it available offline, then review and leave comments. As soon as you’re back online, they’ll automatically sync to your project.

Notifications got smarter

Individual notifications are now grouped together as one notification.

You can filter by “Read” or “Unread,” see comment previews, and scrub asset thumbnails so you can easily spot what you need to review or address.

After Effects Background Render

Screenshot 2020 05 06 at 10 08 46 AM

Another huge timesaver is the update for Frame.io’s After Effects integration. You can now render and upload compositions in the background while you continue working on your project.

Frame.io v3.6 looks like a great update, with lots of added functionality that helps speed up workflows. Frame.io has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. As far as collaboration platforms are concerned, it is the gold standard.

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