Film Devices Rack-N-Bag for sound recordists

Film Devices “Rack-N-Bag” is a new approach to location sound bags. As the name suggests, the Rack-N-Back is a combination sound bag and location rack.

02 Rack N Bag Small Location Sound Bag

The Rack-N-Bag consists of 2 base components, an outer shell, and a rigid frame. With the outer shell on, it acts like an ordinary sound bag which can be attached to a harness, shoulder strap, or a carbon fiber handle.

03 Rack N Bag Small Location Sound Bag

When the outer ballistic nylon shell is removed it converts to a desk console with a kickstand to prop it up. All connections are fully accessible and all models have a top tier section that can be tilted at an angle to hold front control wireless receivers and transmitters.

01 Rack N Bag Small Location Sound Bag

The top tier height can be specified when ordering to accommodate a second row of wireless devices. Various sized standoffs will be available to change heights of the platforms as your equipment changes.

07 Rack N Bag Small Location Sound Bag

The outer shell is height adjustable by 2” (50mm) to accommodate height changes to the rigid frame.

Rack N Bag Small Distro Greyed

Optional power distro kits are available. Each kit contains a power distro made by Audioroot (two available models) and is coupled with Film Devices custom Smart battery sled, plus five power cables that are available in three different lengths.

06 Rack N Bag Location Sound Bag Harness

The battery slides out from the front and there is an optional phone holder and a wing kit to hold 2 extra wireless devices.

The Rack-N-Bag is an entire ecosystem. Film Devices also sells a harness and a small boom pole that compliment the Rack-N-Bag.

Kit Weights: Frame, Nylon Shell, & StrapSmall

  • Small: 3lb-6.6oz / 1549g
  • Medium: 3lb-15.0oz / 1787g
  • Large: 4lb-12.2oz / 2154g

Price & Availability

The Film Devices Rack-N-Bag prices range from $595.-$795 USD. Pre-order purchasers will get a free $95 USD value carbon fiber handle. The Rack-N-Bag will be shipping in July, 2020.

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