bebob COCO-FX9-V

2020 05 04 22 14 11

bebob has announced the COCO-FX9-V, a Sony FX9V-mount battery adapter.

Key features

  •  2 Twist Dtap 12V (unreg.) 5A
  • – 1 Lemo 2Pin 12V (unreg.) 2A
  • – 1 USB A 5V 1A
  • – 1 XLR4 In 10 to 17V (Hotswap)
  • – Weight under 0.43 Kg
9209 Coco FX9 V front

The COCO-FX9-V has two 12V 5A Twist D-TAP ports. These are rainproof sockets that allow you to plug a D-Tap connector into the battery from either the left or right side.

9209 Coco FX9 V back

There is also a 2-pin 12V 2A Lemo out, as well as a 5V 1A USB, and a 4-pin 10-17V XLR out.

Screen Shot 2020 05 04 at 21 51 19

The COCO-FX9-V also features a power indicator and there is an On/Off switch that turns all of the accessory ports on or off while keeping the camera powered up.

Price & Availability

The COCO-FX9-V retails for €495.00.

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