Aputure 300x goes Bi-Color

Today Aputure officially released the Light Storm 300x during a weekly live stream. The new bi-color 300x is a welcome addition alongside the other COB fixtures such as the 120d II and 300d II. While the form factor looks identical the 300x uses an all-new chipset.

Bi-Color on a Single COB

The 300x has a specially designed color-blending optical element in the front of the LED light. The purpose of the color-blending optic is to blend the two colors. Without the optic, the color would vary and not produce the same even tone, especially when using the Aputure Fresnel and Aputure Spotlight. It’s amazing to be able to manufacture these tiny LED’s let alone have an array of different types.

Kelvin Range

The 300x has an expanded vari-white CCT range of 2700K-6500K. This offers a warmer look than typical 3200K tungsten and a cooler than 5600k daylight. A key advantage to the bicolor 300x is it can fit in with other lights much more easily. If you are using lights that fall in between the 3200K-5600K range, the 300x can be tuned to match.

300x Key features

  • 2700-6500K Tunable White Point
  • Bowens-S Mount
  • Compatible with Lensed Optical Modifiers (e.g., Fresnel 2X, Spotlight)
  • Up to 56,000+ lux with the Fresnel 2X
  • CRI & TLCI scores of 95+
  • SSI Scores Higher Than The Industry Standard. Tungsten SSI: 85; D55 SSI: 74
  • Smooth 0%-100% Dimming Control
  • Preset Button to Toggle Between Common CCT Presets (2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5500K, 6500K)
  • 4 Dimming Curves: Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic, & S-Curve
  • All-in-One Silent Control Box
  • Neutrik-Locking Connector
  • Single Battery (50%) or Dual Battery (100%) Operation
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • 9 Built-in FX w/ CCT Control: Paparazzi, Strobe, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Fireworks, Explosion, & Fire
  • Handbrake Locking Yoke with 360° Rotation
  • 55° Hyper Reflector for Increased Output
  • Quick Release “Lightning Clamp” Included
  • Durable Carrying Case Supports up to 100kg
  • User Presets available via App Control
  • DMX512 Compatible
  • Sidus Mesh Technology
  • Compatible with Sidus Link App & 2.4Ghz Remote

Color Accuracy

Here are some tests with the Sekonic C-700-U Spectromaster in all the preset modes from 1 meter with the Hyper-Reflector attached.






300x Build Quality

Aputure 300x side with modifier

The new fixture shares the same build quality as the 300d II, however, it does have a distinct look with its carbon fiber pattern as opposed to the red coloring of the 300d II. This makes it easy to differentiate from the other fixtures.

What’s Included

Screen Shot 2020 04 22 at 10 11 43 AM


Below are the Photometricts provided from Aputure.

Screen Shot 2020 04 22 at 10 10 45 AM

All-in-one Ballast Controller

I like the 300d II controller a lot. Combining the ballast into the controller and making it mountable with an included clamp and quick release is fantastic. The 300x has the same design but is not backward compatible with the 300d II.

Controller Features

Aputure 300X controller

The 300x uses a new CCT control wheel as well as the intensity dial. The CCT dial allows for fine-tuning the color in +/- 50K increments. The center button on the CCT dial has five common Kelvin presets. 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5500K, 6500K.

Dual Output Modes

The 300x features two output modes: Max Output and Constant Output mode. In Constant Output mode, you can change the CCT precisely while maintaining a consistent luminance level. Combined with a new, smoother dimming system, you now have the ability to smoothly change the color temperature in the middle of a scene.

In Max Output mode, the 300x will maximize your output for the CCT chosen and dimming level, with the highest output range being 4000K-5500K.

Powering the 300x

Powering the 300x is similar to the 300d II. It can be operated with a single battery, up to half of its maximum output, or two batteries for full power. The 300x’s control box displays realtime expected remaining battery life as well. Aputure recommends using 14.4V batteries that support 15A continuous discharge to power the light properly.

Control Options

In addition to the control wheels, the 300x can be controlled using the included 2.4G RF Remote, DMX512, as well as by the Bluetooth Mesh Sidus Link App.

9 Built-in FX w/ CCT Control

  • Paparazzi
  • Strobe
  • Lightning
  • Faulty Bulb
  • TV
  • Pulsing
  • Fireworks
  • Explosion
  • Fire

The 300x includes the same accessories as the 300d II including the upgraded 55-degree Hyper Reflector that makes the spot a tighter 50° and a nice durable light case.

Bowens Mount

Just like the other Light Storm LS models, the 300x uses the popular Bowens Mount, so all the affordable Aputure modifiers such as the Light Dome II and Light Dome Mini II work seamlessly.

As I mentioned earlier the new color blending optic on the front will keep color artifacts from showing up when using the Aputure Fresnel and Spotlight.

Sidus Link

With the integration of the Sidus Mesh chipset, the 300x gives professional lighting control from a single app. This mesh technology extends across the entire future Aputure product line, creating a seamless ecosystem.

With the Sidus Link Mesh Network, you can control up to 100 fixtures from a smartphone or tablet, with each additional light fixture increasing the range of the network. That means every light not only talks to your phone but also to each other. Sidus Link allows you to control all aspects of your light’s output, including luminance, CCT, Effects, and even Light Source presets for fast-paced situations. 

Aputure 300X thumbnail

If you need a high powered bi-color fixture the C300x checks a lot of boxes. The new fixture is available now for $1199.

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