ARRI ERM-2400 LCS Radio Modules

2020 arri offers erm 2400 lcs set for extended wireless control

ARRI has announced the ERM-2400 LCS, a set of radio modules from FoMa Systems, that significantly increase the range of wireless camera and lens control.

What does it do? An ERM-2400 LCS set of radio modules basically extends an LCS, LBUS, EXT (CAN bus)cable connection over air. As such, it can connect ARRI and cmotion hand units to cameras and motor controllers and they behave as if they were hard-wired, but with an exceptionally great wireless range.

Controlling lenses and camera functionality over large distances without any communication issues becomes extremely important on large productions. The ERM-2400 LCS radio modules will be extremely useful to filmmakers for situations where a stable radio connection is required over a long distance, such as action shots involving vehicles. Previously these kinds of scenarios could sometimes prove challenging for wireless hand units on their own, but with a set of ERM-2400 LCS radios this becomes a lot easier.

Key features

  • • Reliable point-to-point radio solution for the most demanding radio frequency (RF) environments
  • • Exceptional 1,000 m range for ARRI and cmotion hand units
  • • Provides long-distance wireless camera and lens control
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ERM-2400 LCS radio modules are sold by ARRI as a set of two and various adapter cables are available. The set can be used to connect ARRI and cmotion hand units to cameras and motor controllers with an exceptionally good wireless range of around 1,000 m/3,280 feet. .

Above you can see the various inputs, outputs, and mounting points.

The ERM-2400 LCS is compatible with equipment providing LCS, LBUS, and EXT interfaces. A pair of ERM-2400 LCS modules can connect such two devices, for example:

• ARRI WCU-4 or SXU-1 hand units and ALEXA Plus camera
• ARRI WCU-4 or SXU-1 hand units and ALEXA Mini camera
• ARRI WCU-4 or SXU-1 hand units and ALEXA Mini LF camera
• ARRI WCU-4 or SXU-1 hand units and Universal Motor Controller UMC-4
• ARRI Master Grip or Operator Control Unit OCU-1 and cforce motor
• ARRI Digital Wheels DRW-1 and Digital Encoder Head DEH-1
• cmotion cPRO hand unit and cforce motor

ARRI supplies the ERM-2400 LCS as an already paired set of two radio modules. Once plugged into a handset and camera device, they will automatically power up and wirelessly connect. The modules can be used as either transmitters or receivers. Pre-configured pairs can be identified by a matching number code on the back of each device.

It is important to note that the OCU-1 / Master Grips override function is not supported with ERM-2400LCS, because override is not possible in hardwired mode neither.

ERM-2400 LCS sets are available from ARRI now. The basic set includes two radio modules, with antennas; LCS, LBUS, and EXT adapter cables; and a D-Tap power cable.

Price & Availability

I am still attempting to find out this information. I will update the post once I get it.

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