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CORE SWX goes compact with NEO 150 Mini & X2 Mini charger

NEO 150 and X2 Mini

CORE SWX has recently introduced smaller more compact versions of their popular batteries while keeping the tech in them that they’re known for, including high current delivery, RFID, firmware upgradeable, storage mode, modular, runtime LCD, p-tap, USB, camera communication, and compatible charging. To go with the smaller batteries they also released a smaller travel-friendly X2 Mini charger.

NEO 150 Mini

IMG 3482

NEO 150 Mini shares all the same features as the 98wh NEO 9 Mini. The capacity is 147wh and can sustain a 12A continuous load/16A peak. The new NEO 150 MIni keeps it’s the compact form factor, and is only 1″ longer than the NEO 9.

IMG 2961
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NEO 150 Mini Key features

  • Panasonic cells
  • Capacity is 147wh and can sustain a 12A continuous load/16A peak.
  • A multipurpose backlit LCD provides nominal runtime based on a 25W load, remaining runtime once connected to a device, and remaining charge time when on a charger
  • The Hypercore NEO 150 Mini can communicate to cameras as well as chargers with both one-wire and two-wire protocols
  • The packs go to sleep/hibernate when there is no battery usage or movement after a 48-hour period. Once the battery is picked back up, it awakens.
  • Integrated “smart” D-Tap connector allows users to power any 12 VDC devices while also receiving all battery data from the port.
  • 5V USB port allows powering any USB accessory on the set as well as charge mobile devices.
  • Over-molded, non-slip rubberized housing helps provide cell protection against accidental impacts.
  • The NEO 150 Mini is firmware-upgradeable via its USB port.
  • The Hypercore NEO 150 Mini incorporates Storage Mode to protect self-discharge and help comply with travel regulations.
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Not Just For Cameras

Batteries in the 150wh range are so useful beyond just powering cameras. I use them for lights and to power and recharge USB devices. For example, The Ledgo LED LG-E268C requires 26.8W of power. I attached a mini v-lock clamp to the light stand and ran power with a D-Tap to DC plug cable. The NEO 150 has a D-Tap and USB on top.

NEO 150 drained
Almost depleted

This pic was snapped just before the NEO 150 died. While it shows 45-minutes left the 17% figure is more important as batteries tend to be fully depleted at 20%. While power draw will make a difference a best practice is to swap out the battery before it goes lower than 20%.

For my remote anchoring setup, I used the USB out to keep my iPhone charged via the USB output. I could leave the iPhone on for hours using this setup.

The new NEO 150 retails for $485. and is available now.

Mini X2 Charger

X2 Mini with AC cable

The Mini X2 charger lives up to its “Mini” name as it’s only 5.5″ tall and 4.25″ wide. The AC cable is lightweight as well as no brick power supply is used keeping the whole unit compact. The power cable plugs directly into the charger.

The Mini X2 chargers two batteries simultaneously, and without a noisy fan kicking up. I’ve reviewed some portable chargers that do make more fan noise than I would want around a set. In single charge mode, it charges at 3 amps and can charge one 98wh pack in 2.5 hours.

Built For Portability

Core SWX wanted to make the Mini X2 as portable as possible. To do so they stripped it down to be mean and lean by not including a stand or 4-pin XLR output.

NEO 150 mini on X2 Mini leaning

Due to not having a stand, it does make the charger balance awkwardly if two batteries are not used on the unit. If only one is being charged it will lean over. While this is visibly not pleasing it doesn’t affect the performance and again it keeps the size and weight of the Mini X2 down.

GPM-X2S MINI Charger Key features

  • 1.5 lbs
  • Size: 4.5″ x 5.5.” x 3″
  • Charge current: One battery 3A, 2 batteries simultaneous 1.5A
  • Input: 100V-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Compact design
  • built-in ballast. No power brick required
  • Simultaneously charges
  • Fast charging

The Mini X2 is a good choice shooters who want to pack as light as possible and get full-size charger performance.

The MSRP is $249.00 and is available now.

Core SWX X2S 2-Bay Vertical V-Mount Battery Charger

X2S 2
Core SWX X2S 2-Bay Vertical V-Mount Battery Charger

The new X2 Mini shares the same charging features as the bigger X2S. The big difference is the X2 Mini doesn’t include a 4-pin XLR output with a 90W power supply for cameras, lights, or other equipment that can draw from a 4-pin XLR.

The slim charger can charge a single battery at a 3-amp rate or batteries in both bays simultaneously at 2 amps. Since it sits vertically with two batteries mounted, the X2S takes up less space than traditional chargers.

The Core SWX X2S 2-Bay Vertical Charger retails for $250.00

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