K-Tek Klassic Interview Boom Pole Keeps 6’ Distance For Safer News Interviews

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Keeping a safe distance when conducting news interviews in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak can make audio a little more tricky, especially if you don’t want to be approaching the talent and attaching a lapel microphone.

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One obvious solution is to use a boom pole. K-Tek has just announced the Klassic Interview Boom Pole which allows users to keep a safe 6′ distance from their talent when conducting interviews.

The new Interview Boom Pole doubles as an extended handgrip offering safer news interviews. For times when it is necessary to “keep your distance,” the boom pole extends to 6’/1.84m to provide ample social distance between interviewer and interviewee and also lets the interviewer stay out of frame when required.


This 2-section pole not only offers a reach of 6′ (1.84m), but it collapses down to a handy 3’ 2″/98cm and weighs just 10-oz/285g. It is claimed to be made with the same durable graphite as other K-Tek professional Boom poles.

The Interview Pole comes standard with a 3/8″ threaded stud and a 5/8″ adapter insert. It is compatible with all professional shock mounts and microphone clamps (with 3/8″ or 5/8″ attachment) for handheld microphones. A foam grip provides comfortable handling.

The Interview Boom Pole (KIP) has a list price of $129.95 USD. Like the rest of the K-Tek family, the Interview Pole is available from authorized K-Tek dealers. For more information visit www.ktekpro.com

At the end of a day, this is just a boom pole and you could do the same exact thing with any boom pole you already own.

In fact, you could also use just about anything as a boom pole substitute. But seriously, if you are a professional in this industry you shouldn’t be using a broom handle or some sort of DIT substitute. It is not quite the end of the world just yet!

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