CORE SWX- Trade-In Old Batteries & Chargers offer

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CORE SWX has a promotion on at the moment where you can trade-in your old batteries and chargers to get a discount on new batteries or FLEET battery chargers.

CORE SWX has two “Trade-In & Save” programs. One is for their line of smart brick battery packs which have capacities ranging from 98wh-292wh and the second one is for their advanced chargers including the VoltBridge Fleet Micro and the Fleet Quantum.

CORE SWX is accepting any older models of batteries or chargers in v-mount or gold mount (either theirs or from another manufacturer).

CORE SWX will ship you your new batteries or chargers and all you have to do is ship back your old batteries or charger with the included pre-paid shipping tag.

If you are interested, please contact the CORE SWX sales team or your local reseller.

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