Steadicam Air 25– $199 USD for a limited time

Screenshot 2020 03 25 at 8 57 54 PM

If you are quick (you have about 16 hours left) you can pick up a Steadicam Air 25 monopod from B&H for $199 USD. That is a whopping saving of $300 USD.

The Steadicam Air 25 usually retails for $499 USD.

Key Features

  • Instant Push-Pedal Height Adjustment
  • Quickly Adjust Between High & Low Angles
  • Ideal for Fast-Paced Scenes, Like Dances
  • 25 lb Payload / 28 – 62.5″ Height

What’s special about the Steadicam AIR 25 Monopod is that to adjust its height you simply step on a foot pedal located on the bottom. This gives the flexibility to adjust on the spot. When you push the pedal, it simultaneously holds the monopod secure on the ground while allowing you to adjust the height.

I reviewed the Steadicam Air 25 on the site and found it to be a very capable and useful monopod, especially for mid to large-sized digital cinema cameras.

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