Rotolight Anova Pro 2 on sale for $799.99 USD

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For the next 48 hours, B&H has the Rotolight Anova Pro 2 on sale for $799.99 USD, which is a saving of $880 USD on the normal list price of $1,679.99 USD.

Please be aware that this deal only applies to the Bi-Color 50-degree version.

Key Features

  • Designed for television, filmmakers and professional photographers
  • Continuous LED light and High Speed Sync flash (1/8000)
  • Adjustable color temperature (3150-6300K) in both continuous and flash mode
  • High light output
  • Impressive battery performance – industry-leading energy-consumption-to-power ratio
  • Outstanding color accuracy (CRI 96, TLCI 91) for flattering skin tones
  • HSS Flash Mode provides 250% more light output
  • Zero recycle time, no power loss
  • Ideal for high frame rate cameras
  • Built-in Elinchrom Skyport wireless flash receiver (656′ range)
  • Wireless control of up to 10 lights in 4 groups
  • CineSFX Mode for custom FX (fire, lightning, TV, gunshot, papparazzi, police, and more
  • Totally flicker-free at any frame rate. 70% brighter than Anova PRO 1
  • True Aperture Dimming calculates your aperture at a given distance
  • 150,000 Full power flashes on a single Rotolight V-mount battery
  • 4-Piece filter kit includes: full and half diffusion, cosmetic peach skin diffusion, and magenta
Rotolight Anova Pro 2 LED light
Rotolight Anova Pro 2 LED light

I reviewed the Anova Pro 2 early last year on the site. My conclusions about the light were as follows:

The Anova Pro 2 certainly does offer a lot of functionality, but it is considerably more expensive than the original. The build quality is superb, and the power output is exceptionally good given the light’s small power draw. For news and documentary shooters, the ability to run the Anova Pro 2 off camera batteries that are under 100Wh for long periods of time is a huge selling point.

The light isn’t RGB like a lot of other 1×1 panel options that are now on the market, and that is something you have to carefully consider these days when making a purchase. The Anova Pro was ahead of its time, but now there are plenty of other lights on the market that offer a lot of features that the Anova Pro 2 has to compete against.

The light is color accurate and very good at replicating skin tones correctly. It is also excellent at reproducing the correct color temperature across its 3150-6300K range. It’s good to see a company not follow the market trends and stick to creating a good old fashioned light that is color accurate, has good output and is reliable and robust. Not everyone needs an RGB light. The only downside for me is the price. At $1,799 USD it is expensive considering that lights such as the Luxli Timpani are almost half of the price.

Despite the increased competition from other lights that are now on the market, I still like the Anova Pro 2. The low power draw and high output are both killer features that should make the light a very popular choice with news and documentary shooters. It’s also a very good option if you are doing a lot of multimedia work where both stills and video are required.

With good functionality, color accuracy, and a strong output, the Anova Pro 2 is a light that is worth considering if you are looking for a portable LED solution that can be run off smaller, travel safe v-lock batteries.

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At this reduced price, the Anova Pro 2 makes for a very attractive proposition is you are in the market for a good quality, battery-powered bi-color LED light that has a range of features and great color reproduction.

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