SPSCloud – A new App for screenwriters

Award-winning filmmaker and author David Raynor today launched SPSCloud, a new Web app created for screenwriters, specifically designed to streamline and simplify the process of writing for film and television.

David decided to develop the app after he saw a real need for it in the industry while working on his own screenplays and scripts.

What does the App let you do?

SPS Cloud enables screenwriters to write scripts and screenplays with ease, allowing them to add scenes, characters, and elements, edit scene headings, make notes and revisions, and export and share scripts.

Breaking down a script can take a significant amount of time, but SPSCloud allows you to speed up the process and save time. Not only will writers find it easier to put their stories and their elements down on the page, but also producers, line producers, directors, and heads of departments.

What does it cost?

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Officially launching today, SPSCloud offers a 14-day free trial period, allowing subscribers to experience and utilize the service. After the trial period, the rate will be $59.88 US, or $4.99 US per month.

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