How to run a successful video production company

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On the Go Creative Show podcast, filmmaking entrepreneur and founder of Next Level Creators, Paul Xavier, talks to host Ben Concoli about how to run a successful video production company,

Paul and Ben share techniques that can help us grow your businesses, where video marketing is heading in 2020 and beyond, best practices for marketing your video production services, and the importance of saying no.

Running your own production company or being a freelancer in 2020 is harder than ever. This podcast is well worth a listen as you may pick up some tips that help out your own business.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The future of video marketing (01:32)
  • Tips for promoting your video production company online (06:59)
  • Using LinkedIn to get new clients
  • How you can “earn the deal” during client meetings (22:14)
  • Why having clients on retainer is important (25:17)
  • How to pitch and structure video retainers (33:22)
  • Saying no to (some) projects (41:12)
  • Providing distribution options to clients (45:38)
  • Do you need to be a digital marketer? (59:52)
  • How to scale your video production company (01:03:23)

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