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Digital Anarchy announces Prepaid Transcriptive Services

Digital Anarchy has just announced a new Prepaid Minutes option of their Transcriptive Software for Adobe Premiere Pro editors. By prepaying, video editors can reduce the cost of the AI-enabled video transcription service by 50%.

The newest version of Digital Anarchy Transcriptive, released today, includes a new Prepaid Minutes package that allows users to purchase transcribing credits in bulk through their Transcriptive accounts and save 50% per minute when using Transcriptive AI or Speechmatics. This makes it possible to transcribe at an incredible $2.40 per hour of video footage.

PrePay fullScreen

Additionally, the new Transcriptive v2.0.3 is compatible with the newly released Adobe Premiere v14.0.2, released just last week.

Digital Anarchy’s Prepaid Minutes option will reduce transcription costs to $0.04/min when purchased as part of a package. For small companies and independent editors, Digital Anarchy is offering a $150 prepaid package that delivers 62.5 hours of transcription. For large teams and facilities that transcribe significant volumes of footage, a $500 package is also available that delivers 208 hours of transcription services. The minutes are good for 24 months from the date of purchase, so users don’t need to worry about them ‘expiring’

PrePay TSOnly

What is it?

Transcriptive is Digital Anarchy’s automated, intelligent transcription plugin for Premiere Pro editors specifically designed to automatically transcribe video using multiple speech and natural language processing engines with unparalleled accuracy.

Transcriptive gives users the option to use two different speech engines to automatically and accurately transcribe video with much less human interaction. It features speaker identification, time code, text editing capabilities and other tools to make it a simple process for video editors and producers to get and edit transcripts. Editors can even use the text to set in/out points and create actual edits in their Premiere timeline.

Digital Anarchy also includes PowerSearch for Adobe Premiere Pro with Transcriptive at no charge. PowerSearch is a powerful metadata search tool that integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro, enabling editors to quickly scour an entire project for metadata and instantly locate specific clips and sequences based on those keyword searches.

Its integration with Adobe Premiere Pro allows users to stay within one program, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between programs, wasting time and interrupting the creative flow. Additionally, Transcriptive makes it possible to use transcription results as metadata within Premiere Pro, enabling keyword searches for specific words or phrases spoken in a video.

Transcriptive also includes an improved search panel that makes Search even easier and more reliable within Premiere Pro. Once the transcriptions are complete, editors can either use them within Premiere or export them as subtitle or caption files for use in Premiere,  other applications or online, for example, on YouTube for SEO/Subtitle purposes. You can also save the metadata with the video clip. 

If you’re heading to NAB 2020, you can visit Digital Anarchy at booth #SL4206 to check it out in person as well as their latest VFX plugins.

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