Luma Fusion 2.2

Luma Fusion 2.2 has been released. LumaFusion was the first professional multitrack video editing and effects app for iOS. It was first published on the Apple App Store in December of 2016, and since that time it has been updated and improved.

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What’s New?

  • Export Project Package to XML for Final Cut Pro X:
  • Export to XML Project Package for FCPX
  • Added links to corresponding video tutorials throughout
  • New Add/Remove Library Sources:
  • Add/Edit Sources
  • New Add/Remove Import Sources:
  • Add/Edit Import Sources
  • New Add/Remove Export Destinations:
  • Add/Edit Export Destinations
  • Added a section on how to unsubscribe from Storyblocks in the Settings App:
  • How to Cancel Your Storyblocks Subscription
  • All new keyboard shortcuts:
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Table
  • Added Storyblocks curated Video and Audio Collections to Storyblocks for LumaFusion
  • Finding the Perfect Storyblocks Media

Export Project Package to XML for Final Cut Pro X

This is a nice new feature that is now available, but please be aware that it is an in-app purchase.

FCPXML export files are special zipped packages (.zip files) that contain the timeline data and can also contain the necessary media so that the project may be further edited on Final Cut Pro X on the Mac.

It is not necessary to export the media from LumaFusion along with the XML file if you are planning to relink to your original media in Final Cut Pro X. Eliminating media allows a smaller XML file to be transferred. But, in order for relinking to work properly, both systems must have access to information that identifies both the file and the specific frames within the file.

If you are transferring media with your XML file, the source clips used on your LumaFusion Timeline will be transferred at their native resolution and frame rate as part of the FCPXML Project Package and they will be automatically present in your FCPX timeline.

The frame rate of your LumaFusion project will be used as your Final Cut Pro X project’s frame rate. Because Final Cut Pro X will not allow you to change the frame rate, it is important to set your desired project frame rate in LumaFusion before export.

Because not every feature is designed exactly the same in each application, some LumaFusion features will not be supported in FCPX

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