Filmgear Helios RGB-H700 RGB Space Light

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Filmgear has unveiled the Helios RGB-H700, which they are claiming is the world’s first RGB space light. I’m not sure how they can make this claim when there are already lights such as the Creamsource SpaceX RBGAW Color LED Light available.

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The RGB H700 LED chip has an individual diode for RGGW, allowing users to fully mix the color desired, using the onboard menu or a DMX controller.

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The space light draws 720W and it is Kelvin color adjustable between 2700K – 10000K. It has CCT Mode, HSI Mode, Gel Mode, and Scene Mode.

The light has 5 quick presets that allow users to jump between color temperatures very quickly. There are also 3 dials for dimming, color temperature, and tint control. In HSI mode you can use the dials to navigate between the hue, saturation, and intensity.

The Helios RGB-H700 comes pre-loaded with hundreds of industry-standard gel filters and the Scene Mode features 8 pre-programmed scenes, Police car, storm, fire, party, candle, TV, fireworks, and club. You can also import your own scenes via USB.

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The Helios RGB-H700 features a stamped aluminum chassis with stacking pins for space-efficient storage and transportation. The light weighs 42 lb (19 kg).

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The fixture will retail for $4,690.00 USD, but Filmgear has a pre-order special where you can save 20% and get it for $3,752.00 USD. To pre-order, you need to place a deposit of $1876 USD.

The light will be available in the northern hemisphere spring.

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