How to film vertical 9:16 with the ARRI ALEXA Mini / Mini LF

You may not like the concept of vertical video and you may think it is only for filming with your smartphone, but there is a market out there for creating professional 9:16 content.

6 arri alexa mini vertical format adapter configruation 2018

Last year ARRI released its Vertical Format Adapter for ALEXA Mini that also is compatible with the ALEXA Mini LF. Now, ARRI has put out a video that shows exactly how to set it up and what parts you require.

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ARRI’s Vertical Format Adapter set enables ALEXA Mini and ALEXA Mini LF uses to capture “portrait” footage for mobile phone and tablet content with the camera sensor orientated vertically. The adapter was developed to meet the needs of fashion shoots, social media and other mobile platforms, and bespoke displays for shopping malls and airport terminal retail spaces.

The set of four lightweight brackets allows the ALEXA Mini/ Mini LF and its viewfinder to be rotated 90° on its lens axis, effectively providing stability for filming on its side. Most of the current camera support accessories for ALEXA Mini/ Mini LF can be used in vertical content capture. Accessories such as the Compact Bridge Plate CBP-1 (19mm studio) and CBP-2 (15mm studio), the Broadcast Plate for ALEXA Mini or the Mini Adapter Plates MAP-1 and MAP-2 will mount with the same functionality as when used for regular footage.

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ARRI also makes a Vertical Viewfinder Adapter that allows the viewfinder to be rotated 90° on its optical axis, in order to frame footage shot vertically.

The ALEXA Mini / Mini LF rigged with the Vertical Format Adapters can also be used with ARRI Stabilizer systems, such as the TRINITY and Remote Head SRH-3.

What I find fascinating about the system is that you can go from creating 9:16 content and back to normal camera orientation very quickly. This makes it ideal if you are on a project where you have to create content for two separate orientation formats.

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