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Kessler Mag Max 3A adapter for popular DeWalt batteries

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V-lock and Gold Mount batteries can be expensive and when traveling may be hard to find if you need one in a pinch. Kessler aimed to fix this problem with the Mag Max 3A battery adapter that utilizes a common battery that can be found in almost every country in the world. The DeWalt 20v Max and the 60/20V Flex Volt batteries. The adapter outputs regulated 14.4V 3A on a Lemo 2 pin, a 5.5mm female connector, and a D-Tap connector. The Mag Max 3A also outputs 5V USB charging for devices like a cellphone and accessories that accept USB power.  

Kessler Mag Max 3A

The DeWalt battery was chosen as it’s a popular choice with filmmakers and creatives as well as working professionals in construction and homeowners too, plus they are available in big box hardware stores all over the country. It’s designed to be a problem solver for anyone who has had power needs in the field.  

Compatible DeWalt 20v Max batteries:

  • 1.5Ah battery is 30Wh
  • 2Ah battery is 40Wh
  • 3Ah battery is 60Wh
  • 4Ah battery is 80Wh
  • 5Ah battery is 100Wh
  • DeWalt Max FlexVolt 20V/60V Batteries**
  • 6Ah battery is 120Wh+*
  • 9Ah battery is 180Wh*
  • 12Ah battery is 240Wh*
  • *When using 20/60V Max FlexVolt batteries, Mag Max 3A only pulls 20V not 60V.
  • **18v Max and 18v/54v FlexBatteries are the exact same batteries (power, pinout, physically) as the 20v Max and 20v/60v FlexVolt batteries but are labeled for nominal voltage in the countries listed below.18v Max & 18v/54v FlexVolt labeled in these countries
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • UAE
  • 20V Max & 20v/60v FlexVolt labeled
  • South America
  • North America

Kessler’s Director of Product Development Mike Sutton initially wanted to make this product back in 2012 when the 20V Max battery system was released by DeWalt and has finally been able to bring that product idea to Kessler. The Kessler Mag Max 3A is a perfect solution for Kessler motion control users but also for anyone looking for an alternative, reliable and affordable power solution. 

The Mag Max 3A mounting options features

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  • 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 tapped holes and pass-through holes for attaching to a cheese plate, tripod plates, camera carts, and just about anything that has industry standard 1” on center hole patterns.  
  • Tapped hole on one end for use with arms like the bright tangerine titan. 
  • Optional belt clip attachment for using on a camera strap or belt
  • Optional V-lock kit for attaching to v-mounts (does not pass through power)
  • Optional Gold Mount Stud kit for attaching to gold mounts (does not pass through power)
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Magnets are also embedded into the bottom of the unit to attach to all Kessler MagLink products (Second shooter motors, Second Shooter controller, etc) as well as anything that is steel, iron, nickel, etc, for quick mounting.

Kessler Mag Max 3A inputs

There is a limitation. The Kessler Mag Max 3A battery adapter will not power devices that require more than a 3amp draw but will work with most video accessories used in the industry like monitors, DLSRs and mirrorless cameras with a regulated battery dummy, follow focus systems, wireless video transmitters, and receivers, Kessler motion control systems, LED lights, and more. A 15A version is in development for powering cinema cameras that have a higher amp draw in the 8-12A range.  

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Battery Life

To calculate battery life using this equation. Discharge Time = Battery Capacity (Ah) X Battery Voltage (V) Divided by Wattage of the Device you want to use with it.

DeWalt 20V Max and 20/60V Flex batteries come in various sizes (1.5Ah, 2Ah, 3Ah, 4Ah, 9Ah, and 12Ah).  When using the Mag Max 3A with 30/60V Flex batteries, it only pulls 20V not 60V but gives you the extended Ah those larger size batteries offer. 

Kessler Mag Max 3A will debut with a special introductory price of $199 USD on the Kessler store Friday, January 10th, 2020 and the price will rise to $249 in approximately a week.

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