Kinefinity KineBat Mini V-Lock Battery Review

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Kinefinity has a new range of mini V-lock batteries called the PD KineBat. These batteries that are designed for the TERRA and MAVO cameras come in capacities of 145Wh and 73Wh.

Even though they have been designed for Kinefinity cameras they will work on any camera or device that accepts a V-mount battery.

KineBat 75 & 150

The KineBat 75 is a 14.8V 9.8Ah 73Wh battery and the KineBat 150 is a 14.8V 9.8Ah 145Wh battery. The MAVO LF can work up to two hours with KineBAT 75 and four hours with KineBAT 150.

Build Quality

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The batteries look to be well made and they look really nice, but I did find them a little slippery to handle.

There are a series of indents on the side of the battery that is designed for your fingers to grip, but they are harder to grip than other mini V-lock batteries I have used.

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In saying that, the KineBat 75 is a lot easier to hold because of its thin profile.

Small & Lightweight

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Everyone seems to be downsizing when it comes to batteries. Just about every battery manufacturer has a smaller, lightweight solution, and now Kinefinity has joined that party.

The KineBAT 75 weighs only 420g and the KineBat 150 tips the scales at 725g.

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The batteries feature a 4-step LED fuel gauge and come with a built-in protection circuit to prevent over-voltage, under voltage, over current, over temperature and internal short-circuiting.

At a thickness of only 35mm, the KineBAT 75 looks like a nice solution if you are shooting handheld and want longer run times than the 45Wh that is offered by the battery in the KineGrip.

Its height and width are nearly the same as the MAVO when attached to the V-mount of KineBACK/KineBACK-Lite.

Dual USB-C Ports

You can use the batteries dual USB-C ports to charge a laptop like a Macbook Pro or power smartphones or tablets. One is for charging and discharging; the other is only for discharging.

The USB-C I/O is 20V/2.2A,15V 9V 5V/3A. The USB-C OUT is 20V/1.5A 15V 9V 5V/2A.

The batteries are able to output specific voltage and currents to charge devices. The KineBAT provides charging and discharging power of up to 45W, so the Macbook Pro (13″) can be fully charged within 1-2 hours.

The KineBAT can also be charged by a compact 65W PD type-c power adapter. The charging time for KineBAT 75 is around 1-2 hours when using the adapter.

Even though USB-C is slower than charging the battery on a dedicated charger, it is far more convenient when travelling. The ability to take a few small chargers instead of a large battery charger when you are travelling is very handy. I like how Kinefinity includes quite a long USB-C cable with the charger.

You can also charge the batteries on any normal V-lock charger.

My only complaint is that there aren’t any D-tap ports on the batteries. It would have been nice to have seen at least one. I think the reason behind this is probably due to the fact that the batteries were designed for Kinefinity’s own cameras. If you use a Kinefinity camera with the KineBack-W it already has dual D-tap ports.

So how do they compare to other mini V-Lock batteries?

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KineBat 150Bebob V150microHawk-woods M150IndiPro MICRO-SERIES 150WHIDX Imicro 150
Weight720g (1.58 lb)800g (1.76 lb)607g (1.34 lb)703g (1.55 lb)750g (1.65 lb)
Dimensions106 x 87 x 54mm 75 x 101 x 65mm70 x 100 x 63mm391.4 x 119.4 x 53.3mm72(W) x 97(H) x 67.5(D) mm
Price$399 USD$395 USD$513.60 USD$399.99 USDApprox. 60,000JPY

As you can see, they are fairly similar to other mini V-lock batteries that are available on the market. I was a little surprised to see that they were more expensive than the Bebob V150micro.


  • Capacity: KineBAT 75 73Wh
  • Capacity: KineBAT 150 145Wh
  • PD USB type-c Input or Output Ports (port one): 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.2A; Maximum 45W
  • PD USB type-c Output Port (port two): 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A; Maximum 45W;
  • V-mount Output Voltage (Nominal): 14.8V
  • V-mount Maximum Output Current: 8A
  • Operation Temp: 0~40 Celsius
  • Weight: 420g (KineBAT 75) /720g (KineBAT 150)
  • Size(LxWxT): 4.1×3.4×1.3″/106x87x35mm (KineBAT 75), 4.1×3.4×2.1″/106x87x54mm (KineBAT 150)


The KineBat 75 retails for $199 USD and the KineBat 150 retails for $399 USD.

If you are after multiple batteries and a charger, there are several packages available:

  • 2xBattery + 1xCharger: buy two PD KineBAT 75, one 65W PD USB type-c power adapter (charger) for free ($399 USD)
  • 2xBattery + 2xCharger: buy two PD KineBAT 150, two 65W PD USB type-c power adapters (charger) for free ($799 USD)


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The new KineBats certainly work as advertised. I like the look of the batteries and the ability to be able to charge it through USB-C as well as power USB-C devices such as a Mac Computer.

I think the KineBat 75 is a good compromise between size and capacity. It is probably going to be more popular than the larger Kinebat 150.

In summing up, Kinefinity has made a nice battery solution that is worth looking at if you are in the market for a compact V-lock battery, it is just a pity there are no D-tap ports.

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