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Cinematography, Audio, and Color Grading Trends: A Year in Review

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On the last Go Creative Show podcast of the 2019, host Ben Consoli, show producer Connor Crosby, show audio mixer Matt Russell, director of photography Chris Loughran, and colorist Rob Bessette discuss the trends in cinematography, audio, and color grading from the past year and what they expect for 2020.

You can listen to the full episode above.

Topics covered:

  • The latest cinematography trends (03:06)
  • Why the anamorphic look has become so popular (12:45)
  • How anamorphic lenses work (15:31)
  • How 4G and 5G cellular networks are affecting audio production (19:05)
  • The latest creative audio trends (28:37)
  • Where color grading trends are going (35:43)
  • Should you worry about what devices your work is being seen on? (39:34)
  • Creating custom LUTs for monitoring (43:16)
  • Things we’re excited about in 2020 for audio, video, and color (53:58)
  • And more!

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