Fotodiox DaoLite: Prizmo Edition

The DaoLite: Prizmo Edition is a full-color, 360° wand style tube light that has been designed to provide soft, clean light and access to the full HSI color gamut.

A CCT mode provides white light with an adjustable color temperature range of 2800K to 10000K, as well as make green/magenta shift adjustments to help you match any lighting conditions.

The DaoLite:Prizmo Edition is a complete kit that includes everything you need to mount the LED light on a stand, hang in a studio, hand hold or hand off to an assistant. Everything packs into the included custom bag.

All this power and versatility is packed into a wand that is roughly 3 feet long (with battery handle) and 2.2″ in diameter making it a go to tool for location shoots! DaoLites are compact enough to mount behind your subject for rim light and the unique shape creates a striking rod-shaped catchlight in portraits or product shots.

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The DaoLite has a slim form factor and can be powered through mains or via an optional battery. The wand is roughly 3 feet long (with battery handle) and 2.2″ in diameter.

There is also a custom fit barndoor accessory that givers users additional light shaping options.

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The light is composed of ultra-bright chip LEDs with a claimed lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and a unique 360° arced diffusion surface. The DaoLite: Prizmo Edition produces 360° of bright, soft light. The chip LEDs have a standardized color temperature featuring a CRI≥95 and TLCI≥91 for accurate color reproduction throughout the full color gamut. The easy to use operations buttons give you easy access to all the features with one hand.


The DaoLite Prizmo Edition DLC-2 LED Tube Light – 2′ RGBW+T 360 Degree Tube LED Wand Light Kit w/ Battery costs $499.99 USD

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