3 Legged Thing launch new tripods and AirHed Cine video head

Until now, UK-based 3 Legged Thing have focused on the photography market with their distinctively coloured and named products (honestly, who wouldn’t want a monopod named after Trent Reznor?). Now, along with some new tripod designs, they’re also offering a tripod head aimed at video users.

AirHed Cine

The AirHed Cine has an adjustable tilt mechanism for smooth movement, and comes with a pan arm that can be fitted to either side of the head. It’s available in two versions: Arca-Swiss compatible and a ‘standard video plate’ version that looks a lot like a Manfrotto-style interface.

There’s an integrated 1/4″/20 thread for mounting accessories like monitors, and the head itself has a flat base. This makes it compatible with any number of compact tripod systems, including the company’s own new Legends range.

The head weighs only 737g / 1.62lb including plate and arm. There’s no maximum payload specified – 3 Legged Thing say it will handle ‘serious video gear’ – but the AirHed Cine looks like it could be a good option for mirrorless cameras.

Legends don’t need surnames

These new tripods are available in two heights: The Mike (named after skateboarder Mike McGill) will extend to a maximum height of 1.48m (58″) and can go as low as 13.5cm (5.3″). The smaller, more compact Jay (named for Jay Adams) opens up to 1.11m (44″) and can go down to 10cm (4″).

Both sets of legs are made from carbon fibre and magnesium and feature a friction-adjustable levelling base and the company’s new Rapid Latch system for adjusting the angle of the legs. These latches have been designed to make adjusting the height of the tripod as easy as possible, even if you’re wearing gloves.

Each leg is also fully detachable and usable as a monopod or even a boom arm in a pinch. Not sure what you’d do with the other two legs in that situation but it’s nice to have the option I suppose.

3 Legged Thing Jay tripod
You can also detach the legs completely for ultra low angle shooting.

You can also remove all three legs and use the company’s tripod footwear to get the head even lower to the ground and use it as an alternative to a hi-hat.

Mike, Jay, AirHed Cine price and availability

The Mike and Jay tripods are available to order now from the 3 Legged Thing website, either individually or as part of a kit with the AirHed Cine.

Legs only, Mike costs £499.99 and Jay £449.99. In a kit with the AirHed Cine the Mike tripod costs £729.99 and Jay £679.99. On its own the AirHed Cine costs £299.99. All this kit is slated to be shipping in ‘early December.’

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