OWC Memory Upgrades For the new Mac Pro

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If you have done some price searching on the Mac Pro you will be well aware of how expensive the memory upgrades are. Well, OWC has a more affordable solution (I use that term affordable very loosely!).

OWC offers memeory upgrade packages up to 1.5TB that are up to 65% less than what Apple is charging.

Apple chargers a whopping $25,000 USD for 1.5TB (12x128GB) of DDR4 ECC memory. There wont be many people buying 1.5TB of memory, especially since the Mac Pro is upgradable.

A lot of Mac users tend to buy their computers (at least the ones that can be upgraded) with the smallest available memory and then they will buy more affordable memory upgrades from companies such as OWC.

128GB / 64GB Modules

2933MHz LRDIMM Memory for 12-Core, 16-Core, 24-Core, 28-Core Mac Pro

  • The Mac Pro has 12 available memory slots.
  • High performance multi-channel memory.
  • Install in pairs for best performance.
  • Not compatible with RDIMM memory.
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128GB Modules – Buying options2933MHz DDR4 PC4-23400 LRDIMM

128GB $1,999.99Learn moreBuy Now
256GB (128GB x 2)$3,598.99Learn moreBuy Now
512GB (128GB x 4)$6,998.99Learn moreBuy Now
768GB (128GB x 6)$10,498.99Learn moreBuy Now
1.0TB (128GB x 8)24-Core, 28-Core machines only$13,988.99Learn moreBuy Now
1.5TB (128GB x 12)24-Core, 28-Core machines only$19,998.99Learn more

64GB Modules – Buying options 2933MHz DDR4 PC4-23400 LRDIMM

64GB $449.99Learn moreBuy Now
128GB (64GB x 2)$849.99Learn moreBuy Now
256GB (64GB x 4)$1,699.99Learn moreBuy Now
384GB (64GB x 6)$2,549.99Learn moreBuy Now
512GB (64GB x 8)$3,299.99Learn moreBuy Now
768GB (64GB x 12)$4,899.99Learn moreBuy Now

NOTE: Mac Pro can use either RDIMM or LRDIMM, but they cannot be combined. The system will not function with a mixed configuration.

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