Teradek firmware upgrade for CTRL.3, CTRL.1, MDR.X, & MK3.1

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Teradek has released RT firmware package v1.1.5 is for the CTRL.3, CTRL.1, MK3.1 controllers, and MDR.X.

I reviewed Teradek’s RT system on the site earlier in the year.

Key new features are:

  • Ability to save and transfer lens maps using the RT iOS App
  • Massively reduced boot time for MDR.X, CTRL.3, CTRL.1Option to reverse input direction (in addition to motor flip)Motor class indication on response/accuracy menus
  • If you’ve never upgraded your RT device firmware before, familiarize yourself with the upgrade process by reading the article linked below.

NOTE: The SmallHD overlays configuration option has moved out of the ‘ADV’ menu and into a new menu called I/O Config. After updating, to enable SmallHD overlays again, open the I/O Config menu and select SmallHD.

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New Features
Added lens map iOS sync support to CTRL.3Lens maps can be transferred back and forth between CTRL.3 and the RT App (1.2.0 and later)Added display flip option to MDR.XAdded motor class indication to response/accuracy menusAdded option to reverse input direction (in addition to motor flip)

Changes and Improvements
Massively reduced boot time for MDR.X, CTRL.3, CTRL.1Moved USB/SmallHD/Wired mode setting into an I/O Config menu*Changed default iris motor direction to match focus and iris scales
Bug Fixes
Wired mode camera record trigger did not work (MDR.X)MDR.X In-1 and In-2 accessory detection did not always workManual motor calibration did not work with MK3.1 hand controllerMK3.1 Input flip settings were not savedSome MK3.1 hand controller menu items were displayed incorrectlyMotors sometimes did not reach the end of the calibrated travel with MK3.1 hand controllerMK3.1 receiver camera list did not match hand controller after the previous update

How to upgrade

STEP 1: Download RT Manager or RTFWTeradek RT Manager v1.0.1

For CTRL.3*, MDR.X*, MDR.ACI, ACI, MK3.1 motor, or MOTR.X motor, make sure you have the latest version of the Teradek RT Manager application on your Mac or Windows computer.

*If you are upgrading CTRL.3 or MDR.X for the first time, please use RTFW Application first and then RT Manager.
Download for Mac Download for Windows RTFW Application v1.2.4

For CTRL.1, MK3.1 controller, MK3.1 motor, MK3.1 receiver, or MDR.M/MB,make sure you have the latest version of RTFW Application on your Mac or Windows computer. Install and run the RTFW application. Select the device you wish to update from the drop-down, and follow on-screen instructions.
Step 2: Download Teradek RT Firmware v1.1.5

You can download that firmware below:


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