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Blind Spot Gear Power Cage & Power Bracket

Blind Spot Gear has launched their 7th Kickstarter campaign with the Power Cage & Power Bracket.

Update: This campaign has now been cancelled.

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Combined, the two products provide a modular powering system in addition to an L-bracket style baseplate.

Power Cage

Key features

  • 37Wh/10,000mAh @ 3.7v
  • 45w output
  • Power Delivery compatible
  • NATO & 1/4″ mounts
  • Two Type-A USB ports
  • 1x DC Barrel
  • 1x Type-C USB port

The Power Cage can also be used standalone as a regular power bank. As well as 1/4″ mounts to attach accessories to the Power Cage, a through-hole so you can attach cameras and other accessories directly onto the power cage with the right screws.

The Power Cage is Power Delivery compatible so it can be fast-charged as well as power other PD compatible devices like some laptops.

Power Bracket

Key features

  • Arca Swiss standard plate
  • Three lanyard points
  • Mounting points for the Power Cage

While it looks like a typical L-bracket, it doesn’t perform like one. Being mainly for video, the vertical arm is not an Arca swiss but a NATO rail.

The Power Bracket is universal so depending on your camera, it may or may not be flush to the camera back and may stick out.

How it works

Pricing & Availability

The Power Cage & Power Bracket can be bought together or individually. Delivery is estimated to begin in May 2020.

The campaign has been fully funded with 5 days to go.

Power Cage & Power Bracket – early bird £99, standard £120 (RRP £145)
Power Cage – £89 (RRP £145)
Power Bracket £30 (RRP £55)

Blind Spot Gear also has dummy batteries for various cameras and a USB-C Power Delivery 45W Charger available.

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