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Sony AXS-AR1 Firmware Update – Do This Now

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Sony has released a new firmware update for the AXS-AR1 reader that fixes a data corruption issue that could occur with concurrent read cycles from the AXS memory card.

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The firmware update procedure is as follows:

AXS-AR1 upgrade procedure

  1. Download AXS-AR1 upgrade file AXS-AR1-FW_01_02_511.bin to Mac computer.
  2. Connect AXS-AR1 to Mac computer using TB2 cable.
  3. Open AXSM Drive Utility.
  4. Insert AXS card into AXS-AR1.
  5. Select AXS-AR1 and click on Firmware Update.
  6. Firmware Update window will appear. Browse to the location where file AXS-AR1-FW_01_02_511.bin is located and click Update.
  7. The upgrade process typically takes under one minute to complete.
  8. After update completed remove and reconnect the TB2 cable. Confirm that the AXS-AR1 functions correctly.

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