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Hive announces new CX series Lights

Hive Lighting has released the new CX line of lights starting with the Wasp 100-CX & Hornet 200-CX. These are omni-color LED lights which are new and improved versions of the original Wasp 100-C & Hornet 200-C and come in at a lower price point.

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The Wasp 100-C uses 75 watts to create 320FC at 5ft/1.5M (F14 at 800ISO). The 100-CX is compatible with all Hive C-Series and Profoto® modifiers and features a new enhanced Bluetooth range in the same premium aerospace-grade aluminum body as all C-Series products.

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The Hornet 200-CX is slightly larger but only weighs 2.2lbs and draws 150W. It has the same Profoto® compatibility, modular design, enhanced Bluetooth range and premium aerospace-grade aluminum build-quality.

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Light Modifiers

Just like the original Wasp & Hornet lights, they are very modular. With bayonet mounts on the face and Profoto compatibility, you can use a wide range of light modifiers.

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Updated Hive SHOT App

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The lights are compatible with the redesigned Hive SHOT app for wireless control on Apple iOS & Android devices.

The light has over 100 preset sources, gels and animated lighting effects as well as the ability to build your own custom lighting patllets.

Pricing & Availability

Wasp 100-CX starts at $799 USD
Hornet 200-CX starts at $1,299 USD

Both lights will be shipping before the end of the year and are available for pre-order direct or via authorised dealers.

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