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Red Giant Complete Annual Subscription

Red Giant Complete is a subscription service where you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of their tools instead of standalone perpetual licenses.

Key features

  • All Access – Red Giant Complete gives you access to the complete set of our tools.
  • Up-to-Date – Red Giant Complete includes free updates, so you always have the latest tools.
  • Big Savings – With Red Giant Complete you’ll save thousands of dollars. Buying all of our tools normally costs $3,395. With subscription pricing it would take over 5 years to pay the same amount for perpetual licenses – and that wouldn’t include upgrade costs.

What software is included?

Included in the Red Giant Complete subscription is:

  • Trapcode Suite
  • Magic Bullet Suite
  • Universe
  • VFX Suite
  • Shooter Suite

Purchased separately, all of these products would cost $3,495. Comparatively, a Red Giant Complete subscription costs $599 USD a year.


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Red Giant Complete is $599 a year for individuals or $299 for students and teachers.

Depending on your usage, the Complete subscription may not be for you, but if you use a number of their products than it may make be more economical.


If you own any current Red Giant Suite or have an active subscription to Universe, you can save 50% on your first year of Red Giant Complete subscription, upgrading for only $299 USD.

Use Coupon Code: RGC50
Upgrade Offer Ends: 2/25/20

Students and teachers can upgrade their existing products/Universe suite for just $149 USD for the first year.

Use Coupon Code: RGC50A
Upgrade Offer Ends: 2/25/20

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