Zacuto Z CAM Cage

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The Zacuto Z CAM E2 and E2 Flagship Cage are compatible with Z CAM E2, E2G, E2-S6, E2-F6, and E2-F8 camera bodies.

The modular cage is comprised of 6 pieces:

  • 2 Side Plates
  • 1 Top Plate
  • 1 Bottom Plate
  • USB Clamp
  • HDMI Clamp.

The cage has been designed to be as lightweight as possible and it tips the scales at just under ½ lb. The Side Plates, Bottom Plate, and both clamps are all separate pieces that can be used independently of each other. The Top Plate uses screw ports in the Side Plates to mount securely and can only be used with both Side Plates in place.

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The Top Plate attaches to the camera using a ¼ 20” screw and then connects to each Side Plate with a ¼ 20” screw. It has a built-in Z-Rail, ¼ 20” screw holes and ARRI 3/8″ accessory mount for attaching accessories. Each Side Plate has a built-in Z-Rail, M6 Rosette and accepts any ARRI 3/8″ accessory mount as well. The Bottom Plate attaches to the Z CAM cameras with two ¼ 20” screws and a locating pin. The Bottom Plate is Zacuto Polaris compatible (and Arca-Swiss compatible).

The USB Clamp and HDMI Clamp screw directly into the camera. These pieces can be purchased separately as well. This is important to protect your cabling and USB and HDMI ports.

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The Z-Rails built into the top and sides of our Z CAM Cage makes it easy to mount a Top Handle or single or double Side Handles. You can also add the Zarn wooden ball handgrip. There is also an SSD Holder to mount an SSD drive, and you can add rods with a Polaris Baseplate, or mount your accessories with a Z-Rail Ball Mount.

Additional Accessories:

  • SSD Drive Holder- Attaches to the top plate.
  • Metabones Support for E2 camera- screws into the bottom plate of the cage
  • Top Handle
  • Side Handle
  • Zarn
  • Polaris Mounting Plate
  • Polaris Baseplate

Other options

Tilta Full Camera Cage for Z CAM E2
Tilta Full Camera Cage for Z CAM E2

There are quite a few cages available for the Z Cam. These include:


The Zacuto Z CAM E2 and E2 Flagship Cage is priced at $205 USD. This is reasonable for a Zacuto product, but it is more expensive than options from Tilta, SmallRig, and Came-TV.

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