PolarPro BaseCamp Matte Box

PolarPro is expanding its portfolio of filtration systems with the new BaseCamp matte box. A 2-stage system which takes a proprietary filter tray and a circular polariser.

PolarPro has been creating filters for a long time, starting with drone & GoPro filters. Recently they also collaborated with Youtuber Peter McKinnon to create a VND filter.

BC Configuration

The system consists of the core, hood and a top flag. Each component is removable without tools.

BaseCamp Industrys Lightest Matte Box System

At 298g for the Core, CP filter and ND filter tray, it is very lightweight.

The hood is removable and mounts an adjustable top flag.

Proprietary Filter Trays

BaseCamp Aluminum Filter Frames

Unlike other matte box systems where you load in filters into the filter tray or matte box directly, PolarPro uses aluminium filter frames which have the filter permanent built onto each filter. This means you can’t use any other standard 4×4″ filter you may already have. The filters are also 2mm thick, and not the standard 4mm.

BaseCamp VND Configuration

In addition to the standard ND filters, PolarPro also has a 2-5 and 6-9 VND filter option (linear polarisers), which work in conjunction with the circular polariser.

The ND filters in ND2, ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, ND128, ND256, VND2-5 & VND6-9.

Circular diffusion filters in 1/8, 1/4 & 1/2 will also be available soon.


PolarPro has also made a number of mounting accessories available for the BaseCamp.

There are optional Thread Plates which screw onto the filter threads stills lenses to provide a clamping surface. Available in 67, 72, 77 & 82mm.

BC Component Thread Plates

Clamp Rings are included with the kits and are constructed of precision injection polymers unlike higher-end rings which are made from Delrin. They come in 77, 80, 82, 87, 95, 100, 104 & 110mm sizes.

BC Component Clamps

The Light Fly is a flexible elastomer adapter which covers lenses from 67-99mm and requires rod mounting. It looks very similar to Bright Tangerine’s Black Hole rubber donuts.

BC Component Light Fly

Pricing & Availability

For a limited time, PolarPro is offering $100 off, ending in 5 days.

The Base Kit retails for $299.99 USD which includes the Core, Hood, Flag & clamp rings.

The VND kit retails for $699.99 USD and adds a 77mm Thread Plate, 82mm Thread Plate, VND 2-5 Filter & CP Filter

Each ND filter retails at $299.99 USD with the VND filters retailing at $249.99 USD and CP filters for $149.99 USD.

Rail mounts are $119.99 USD each


Since the PolarPro BaseCamp uses their own filters, you do limit the filtration options you have available. If you are wanting a similar solution which uses standard 4×4, 4×5.65″ and 138mm circular filters there are already a number of options on the market.

In the recent year, there have been many new products in the lightweight matte box space following on from Bright Tangerine’s Misfit Atom and recently the Misfit Atom Pola+.

Wooden Camera has introduced the Zip Box & Zip Box Pro & Tilta also showed off a similar system at IBC 2019.

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