IDX Imicro Mini V Lock Batteries

At Interbee 2019 in Japan, IDX was showing the final versions of their IMicro Mini V Lock batteries and accessories.

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The new range consists of the Imicro 98 and Imicro 150. Both batteries follow the current trend of manufacturers making their batteries smaller and lighter, while still maintaining high capacity.

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The Imicro 98 which is a 97Wh, 14.54V, 6.62Ah battery that weighs in at 550g. The battery has dual D-taps, and one of the D-tap ports can be used to charge the battery through the use of IDX’s travel charger. Both D-tap ports offer 11V-16.8V DC output at 100W Max.

The Larger Imicro 150 is a 145Wh, 14.54V, 9.93Ah and weighs in at 750g. It features the same two D-taps that can be found on the Imicro 98.

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IDX also has a range of accessories for the Imicro batteries including the A-Vmicro2 which allows you to run two Imicro (or any third party mini v-lock battery) from a single plate.

The nice feature about this dual plate is that you can hot-swap the batteries, and you can also choose which battery is being used by pressing a button on the side of the plate. Once one of the batteries has drained to a certain level, it will automatically switch over to the other battery.

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The dual plate comes equipped with two D-tap ports as well as a USB-C. This means that if you were running two Imicro batteries on the dual plate, you would have 6 D-Taps to power other accessories.

You can also put the dual plate onto an IDX battery charger and charge two batteries from a single plate )although not at the same time). This is handy as you can charge multiple batteries without having to get up in the middle of the night to swap them over.

Accessory Plates

IDX also has the P-Vmicro and A-CPmicro. The P-Vmicro is a compact small plate that allows you to use a mini V-lock battery on a camera that doesn’t come with a V-lock battery plate. It features two D-taps and a USB-C. It can also be customized to include either a Hirose or Lemo power output.

You can use the A-CPmicro to attach the P-Vmicro plate. This features an array of 1/4 20″ and 3/8″ holes as well as the ability to be used on 15mm rods.

Price & Availability

The Imicro batteries are due to start shipping in December, while the accessory plates won’t start shipping till February.

In Japan, the price for the Imicro 98 will be 40,000 JPY and the Imicro 150 will be 60,000 JPY.

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