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OGara Studios Fast Car Mount

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The OGara Studios Fast Car Mount is a new product to help lower budget filmmakers get their cameras mounted to their cars.

Mounting cameras to cars can be complex and expensive. OGara Studios set out to design and engineer a solution that is simple and easy to use.

It is hardly a revolutionary design and it uses the same basic design principles that you will see on a lot of car mounts.

The Fast Car Mount uses magnets to secure to a car body.

Size & Weight

The mounting plate, measures 21cm or 8.27in (length and width), and it weighs 5kg.

What is it made out of?

The mounting plate is made from 8mm thick aluminium and will be anodized black along with the cable mount blocks.

What can you mount to it?

The Fast Car Mount includes a wide range of mounting holes for tripod heads and gimbal plates. On each side, there are large slots for strapping as well as spare 3/6-16 and 1/4-20 threads for accessories.

Here is what the Fast Car Mount currently supports (some of these options require optional hardware):

  • 3/8-16 Tripod heads
  • DJI Ronin Universal Plate
  • DJI Ronin-S Universal Mount
  • DJI Ronin Small Rig “Quick Release Tripod Adapter”
  • Tilta Gravity G Series Gimbal Body Mounting Plate
  • More to come


IMG 2376

The car mount is available with optional anti-vibration hardware, and it can be upgraded to allow the mounting of gimbals.

There is also an upgrade available for an Anti-Vibration package so that you can mount your gimbal for smoother shots.

Another upgrade is for suction cups so you can mount it on all surfaces including glass, metal, and plastic.

The mount can even be placed on a Tripod for boot or trailer shots.

What do you get?

Screen Shot 2019 11 05 at 11 32 02 PM

Included in the base package:

  • A single mount plate
  • Six 66mm Rubber Magnets
  • Custom Foam Plastic Case (option to not ship with this case in return for free shipping)
IMG 2867

Included in the Anti Vibration package:

  • Two mount plates
  • Eight steel cable vibration dampeners
  • Eight cable mount blocks
  • Six 66mm Rubber Magnets
  • Custom Foam Plastic Case

Suction cups upgrade is available for both packages. The case includes storage space for all 4 suction cups. All packages include bolts and tools.


Dimensions450 × 400 × 200 mm
PackageBase Kit, Base Base Kit with Cups, Anti Vibration Kit, Anti Vibration Kit with Cups
CaseShip with case, Ship free without case


The OGara Studios Fast Car Mount doesn’t look any different or offer anything extra that isn’t already currently available.

For example, the RigWheels RigMount X4 Magnet Camera Mounting Platform ($250 USD) is essentially the same thing, but with a proven track record.

I’m all for new companies introducing products, but they have to offer something different to what is currently available.

In all honesty, I think the Anti Vibration package is essentially the only option from OGara Studios that looks to be budget friendly if you compare it to other platforms such as the RigWheels Cloud Mount or Kessler Crane Killshock. Again, both of those products have a proven track record.

Price & Availability

The OGara Studios Fast Car Mount base package will cost £150.00. Other packages will fall anywhere between £150.00- £350.00. They are expected to be available in January 2020.

OGara Studios are still in the process of finalizing the design and sending drawings over to their manufacturing partners around the UK and Asia.

Their current estimates for production is 4-6 weeks. Please expect delays.

OGara Studios is just one person. They are not a massive company with the means to mass-produce lots of items very fast.

Fast Car Mount is comprised of parts being custom made by 4 manufacturing partners as well as 3 off the shelf partners. While they do their best to not delay shipping, any one of these partners can delay shipping by weeks or even months.

Please be prepared to wait longer than the expected shipping date for your order to arrive.

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