3C Remote Control App for BMPCC 4K v1.4

CDA-TEK has released v1.4 of their 3C Remote Control app for the BMPCC 4K.

The main addition is integrated support for the Tilta Nucleus-Nano focus control wheel to enable wireless focus control of native and EF adapted lenses without the need for gear rings, focus motors and external power.

This reduces the number of accessories you need to rig up the wireless follow focus, just the handwheel alone. This makes it much easier to set up when configuring a gimbal, or doing lens changes.

The Nucleus-Nano ($229 USD with motor) support is only for native and adapted EF lenses.

The 3C Remote Control App is only available for Android devices and retails for €14.99. You can purchase the Nucleus-Nano handwheel by itself for $150 USD.

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