New Shoten Lens Adapters

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Shoten has a range of new lens adapters for Fujifilm X Mount, Sony E Mount, Micro Four Thirds Mount, and PL adapters for Canon RF mount, Nikon Z Mount, and RED.

Here is a list of what is available:

Fujifilm X Mount(all¥4,320)

  • SHOTEN CY-FX (Yashika Contax Mount Lens → Fujifilm X Mount)
  • SHOTEN NF-FX (Nikon F mount lens → Fujifilm X mount)
  • SHOTEN M42-FX (M42 mount lens → Fujifilm X Mount

Sony E Mount (all¥4,320)

  • SHOTEN CY-SE (Yashika Contax mount lens → Sony E mount)
  • SHOTEN NF-SE (Nikon F mount lens → Sony E mount)
  • SHOTEN M42-SE (M42 mount lens → Sony E mount)

Micro Four Thirds (all¥4,320)

  • SHOTEN CY-m43 (Yashika Contax Mount Lens → Micro Four Thirds)
  • SHOTEN NF-m43 (Nikon F mount lens → Micro Four Thirds)
  • SHOTEN M42-m43 (M42 mount lens → Micro Four Thirds)


  • SHOTEN PL-RED (PL lens exchange mount for RED cameras) ¥44,000
  • SHOTEN PL-NZ (PL mount lens → Nikon Z mount) ¥26,583
  • SHOTEN PL-CR (PL mount lens → Canon RF mount) ¥26,583

Manufacturer’s preferred price ¥ 4,800 (excluding tax)

Features of adapters

All of the adapters feature high durability and high rigidity. They are all made out of a solid metal material. The inside of the adapters are matted to help reduce internal reflections.

Price & Availability

At the moment these adapters are only on sale in Japan, but like all Shoten adapters, they should eventually find their way onto Amazon.

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