The Cinematography of El Camino

Marshall Adams GCS190

On this week’s Go Creative Show podcast they dive into the Cinematography of El Camino and Better Call Saul with DP Marshall Adams ASC.

Marshall Adams shares a behind the scenes look at the Breaking Bad Universe. Host Ben Consoli and Marshall discuss the making of El Camino, its most challenging scenes, filming with the Alexa 65, Marshall’s lighting philosophy and thoughts on future Breaking Bad films.

You can listen to the full episode above.

Topics covered:

  • The cinematography of El Camino
  • Filming with Alexa 65
  • The Better Call Saul lighting philosophy
  • Are there future Breaking Bad movies in the works?
  • Filming the El Camino flashback scenes
  • Shooting iconic time-lapses
  • The incredible overhead shot of Todd’s Apartment
  • Filming Todd’s Car in El Camino
  • How El Camino pays homage to Western films
  • Marshall’s post-production and color grading workflow

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