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Aputure LS C300d II V04 Firmware

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Aputure has released a new firmware update for the LS C300d II v.04 which improves a number of features.

Check out our full review of the light by Erik below.

This firmware update for the 300d II improves several features like:

Optimizes the Bluetooth Reset Function.

In the previous firmware, if a user initiated a Bluetooth Reset without being in the Bluetooth wireless control mode, the connection process would fail. In the new firmware, initiating a Bluetooth Reset will automatically force the fixture into Bluetooth wireless control mode, so it will be ready to connect with the Sidus Link App.

Optimizing DMX Control.

When turning on the 300d II, the light output will slowly ramp up until it reaches the previous brightness setting. Quickly increasing the brightness would have the same effect. This is to prevent from damaging batteries by surging them too quickly. Now, in DMX mode, the delay has been minimized if a quick flash, or quick brightness change is triggered, allowing for the instantaneous response expected from a DMX fixture.

Allows the control box to detect lamp head compatibility.

This firmware is to prevent any malfunctions due to lamp head and control box compatibility. Due to the similarities between the components for the LS C300d II and LS 300x, if the components are mixed up and a 300d II control box is connected to a 300x lamp head or vice versa, the control box will not control the fixture and will display the following message: “Incorrect Fixture”.

How to install the update

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The firmware update is available to download from the Aputure Downloads page.

After a future version of the firmware, the 300d II will be able to do OTA updates via Sidus Link via the app. In the meantime, using the USB port is necessary. Follow the steps below to update your firmware.

1) Download the firmware via this link:
2) Unzip the .RAR file
3) Load the firmware onto a FAT32 USB.
4) Insert the USB into the control box.
5) Go to USB Mode in the Menu, and click “Yes” to initiate the update.
6) The update process should finish very quickly.
7) To confirm your update, set your Wireless Control Mode to 2.4Ghz, and initiate a Bluetooth Reset. If the reset process is successful and your Wireless Control Mode has been switched to Bluetooth, your update was successful.

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Just copy the .bin files onto the USB drive, not the whole folder

The LS C300d II retails for $1,199 USD but is currently available for $1,099 USD in V-Mount or Gold-mount.

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