RED Komodo Display Revealed

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On the RED User forum, RED President, Jarred Land has posted a new image of the camera revealing a display on the top of the upcoming Komodo camera.

The top of the camera also reveals a pogo connection and four 1/4″ mounting points. The display on the top is reminiscent of many medium format cameras like Mamiya 645.

RED Komodo Screen

Brightening the image shows the true size of the display. It will most likely not be the display for the image but a control screen, seeing that the menu and control buttons are directly next to the display.

Interestingly, there is also an ‘Antenna’ label on the left-hand side. Perhaps to use the camera at long range remotely.

Yesterday, Jarred Land also posted this shot on his Instagram account showing Mike Will using what looks like the Komodo with a SmallHD monitor.

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Mike Will + Komodo @mikewillmadeit

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Yes, these endless teases are starting to become a bit tiresome, but that is the RED marketing strategy whether you like it or not.

This latest tease comes just over a week after Jinitech put up yet another video entitled ‘RED SENSORS – Things you only thought you knew about RED Digital Cinema.’

What do you think about the Komodo?

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