The DULENS APO 2/85mm is the first in the series from a new company in China. This is a stills line of lenses with plans to create cine versions down the track. We can’t find too much information on the team behind the lenses but we have been told that it is the same optical engineer who was involved with the NiSi F3 & MAVO Primes. If you browse the store’s other products, they also have the MAVO primes listed.

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Key features

  • 85mm F2
  • 7 elements in 6 groups
  • Approximately 350g
  • 55mm filter thread
  • 29° field of view
  • Manual focus
  • Minimum focus distance of 0.9m
  • EF mount & F Nikon in the future

What’s interesting about the lenses is that they are very compact at 5.8cm (2.28″) long but has a large Ø46.5mm image circle, which can cover full frame. The lenses are inspired by the classic ZEISS SONNAR series.

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The original Zeiss SONNAR 85mm F2

As the name suggests, it features an Apochromatic element to minimise chromatic aberrations, even when wide open at F2. Being an 85mm lens, it has low distortion, measured at 0.3%.

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The lens is being listed for ¥2999 which is currently around $420 USD. There are further discounts for pre-ordering as well. They plan to release the lens in US/Europe with retail pricing of $599 USD.

We are working on getting more information on the lenses and the line up.

Sample photos shot on the Lumix S1 with an EF adapter. Visit the product listing to view the original hi-res samples.

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