Shure TwinPlex microphone

The Shure Twinplex is a new microphone that’s designed to offer good sound reproduction while resisting, well, sweatiness. Look, there’s no nicer way to put it.

Compact capsule

The mic squeezes two diaphragms into a small footprint, and the capsule itself has a hydrophilic coating that encourages water to bead on the surface of the mic rather than penetrate the capsule and short the electronics.

IMG 5502

Each mic ships with a ‘presence’ cap and a ‘flat’ cap, which you can change depending on what suits your application best.

Strong cable

The cable is also a new design. It uses materials from the medical industry to make it stronger than regular wires and to stop it getting tangled up and kinked. The regular cable is 1.6mm in diameter and features redundant grounding. There’s also a 1.1mm diameter version intended for use with Shure’s own micro body pack.

IMG 5500
Shure brought their cable testing machine to the show floor. It doesn’t mess around.

Four colours, lots of connectors

The TwinPlex is available in four colours, terminated in Lemo, TA4F, Microdot and XLR connectors, or with no connector. There are five slightly different models – the capsules are all omnidirectional but the TwinPlex TL48 has a ‘Speech tailored’ sound signature and Shure say the TL47 is the most flexible model for general use.

Price and availability

The Shure Twinplex is available now, either on its own for around €380+VAT or with an accessory pack including a case and a variety of mounting options for €410+VAT.

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