Nanlite Forza 500

The Ledgo Nanlite Forza 500 is a 500W draw, single-source LED light that outputs a claimed 66,000 lux at 1m. Colour accuracy is a claimed 97/98 CRI.

ledgo nanlite forza 500
Key features

  • 500W draw
  • 66,000 lux at 1m
  • battery or AC power

The light has a 1.3″ emitter and a short body for rigging in tight spaces. There’s a separate ballast/AC adapter with integrated dual battery plates, with a locking collar to attach it to the light stand. Ledgo recommends you use 26V batteries as the fixture’s power draw will drain regular V-locks very quickly.

For cooling, there’s a large fan in the fixture, and another in the ballast. Ledgo says they’re very quiet, but it’s impossible to tell from a busy show floor how much they’re going to irritate your favourite sound recordist.

New for IBC is the fresnel attachment. The lens is made of polycarbonate and the body is painted white for better heat management. The barn doors are part of the same kit, and can be used to cut the beam.

Price and availability

The Nanlite Forza 500 LED Monolight is on sale now for $1,999 US and the Nanlite FL-20 Fresnel lens will be available in three-five weeks for $179 US.

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