Zoom F6 audio monitor/recorder

Zoom F6
Key features

  • 32-bit float recording
  • Three power options
  • Timecode generator

Zoom showed their F6 mixer/recorder under glass at NAB this year and it’s now nearly ready to ship. It’s primarily aimed at camera operators who might be working alone and need a simple audio solution to ‘set and forget.’

32-bit float

The main attraction of the F6 is 32-bit float recording. Like other sound products that use the technology it means there’s so much dynamic range in your recording you can unclip distortion or raise up quiet sections without increasing noise.

Power options

There are three options for power: a USB C socket so you can run it from a powerbank, sony L series batteries or four AAs. If you attach more than one power source the F6 will switch between them seamlessly according to which one has the highest voltage.

Bluetooth, timecode, headphones

The Zoom F6 features a timecode generator, headphone out and line out sockets. There’s also an optional bluetooth module which allows control and entry of metadata via iPhone or iPad.

Price and availability

Zoom hope the F6 will start shipping in October for £549, or around €600.

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