Flowcine Xpine Gimbal Vest

At IBC 2019 we got to see Flowcine’s new Xpine gimbal vest. The vest has been designed to be a versatile solution that you could use with both Stedicams and gimbals.

The Xpine looks to be quite customizable and it offers a lot of adjustment depending on what you are using it for.

It’s also good to see that Flowcine has made it with both females and males in mind. By keeping the front support very narrow, females should find it a lot more comfortable to wear tah a lot of other vests that are on the market.

The Xpine only comes in one size, but it has been designed so it can be adjusted to fit all body types. The vest looked like it had also been designed with speed in mind so that it is quick to put on and take off. For transport, you can pack it completely flat.

The Xpine is expected to start shipping in December for €3000.

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